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National Geographic: Meat Has ‘Dire’ Consequences For The Planet

National Geographic is questioning the world’s consumption of animal products. The leading nature publication and network recently covered a report suggesting the global consumption of meat has “dire” consequences for the planet. The world’s population is growing, with 10 billion people expected to populate the earth by 2050. According to National Geographic, scientists from around the globe are “scrambling” to figure out a way of feeding all of these people. The report – conducted by 30 scientists over three years and published in the Lancet – suggests that a significant worldwide reduction in meat consumption would help to feed the growing population.

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To reach their conclusion, researchers weighed up a number of factors, including the amount of greenhouse gases produced by certain foods, as well as water and crop use. They determined that the world’s meat and sugar consumption should be cut by 50 percent, and the population should shift to a predominantly plant-based diet. (livekindly.co, nationalgeographic.com)

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