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Green Monday for a Great Week!

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All Green Monday recipes are meatless and vegan...
Tasty, healthy, versatile, they will help you feel good and pleased with yourself.



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Make Every Day Your Green Monday

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The United Nations environment arm names CEOs of plant-based companies Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods as top innovators to address inefficiencies in meat production, the “world’s most urgent problem.” Global organization the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) published a synopsis about its 2018 “Champion of the Earth” winners—the CEOs of brands Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, Ethan Brown and Pat O. Brown, respectively. UNEP explained that both individuals received the prestigious title for their respective innovations to displace animal agriculture—an environmentally damaging industry it states “has brought us to the verge of catastrophe.”

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In a bid to improve student health across the nation, UK primary schools have committed to serving 3.1 million meatless meals within the next 12 months. The major change is part of the nonprofit organisation ProVeg UK’s School Plates programme, which works with schools and catering companies to improve school menus. Since summer, 110 primary schools have collaborated with ProVeg to create the new school dinner menus. Among the changes are compulsory Meat-Free Mondays and daily meatless options. Descriptions of menu items are also being altered, worded to encourage students to opt for the veggie choices. ProVeg also aims to have all processed red meat removed from menus. The organisation believes that schools – specifically, school canteens – are the ideal forum for young people to learn about healthy, sustainable diets.

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Glasgow-based Hampden Park—Scotland’s National soccer stadium—will soon introduce a vegan food menu. The stadium partnered with organization Vegan Events UK to host a Scotland Vegan Festival on July 14. Craig Younger, the general manager of the stadium’s food service company Sodexo Sports & Leisure, hopes the upcoming festival will help inspire the vegan menu he plans to permanently offer at the stadium. “With plans to launch our own vegan menu later this year,” Younger said, “I’m sure the day will also provide some great inspiration.” The festival will feature 100 vendors selling vegan fare, cooking demonstrations, and activities for children.

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